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Past Newsletters
Stay Connected and Receive the PAFA Newsletter

To follow our mission statement : "To connect with the past, strengthen the present, and build for the future of Page High School through support of and participation in areas of academic, cultural, athletic, and social life,"  the PAFA has produce two Newsletters annualy to conect our past with the present in a common goal to buil a better school for the future. Today we mail over 2,000 newsletters to alumni across the country.


We aquired most of the names on our mailing list through class reunions, emails, and eventually our original website.  The only way to ensure that you cantinue to receive the newsletter is to join our association for at least one year, and memberships start as low as $25.


If you are just finding the PAFA  for the first time, feel free to download any of our previous newsletters since our Association started in 2006  and learn all the things we have done to unite classmates, finance projects for the school, and the learn some history of our school  and memories many Alumni have shared.

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