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Upcoming Reunion Information

While we do not help organize class reunions for each class, our association likes to act as a means for people to contact one another.  Please feel free to email us any information you would like us to share, especially any information you have about upcoming reunions.  Will be happy to provide links to Facebook pages and other websites to help you reunite with your classmantes.


We would love for all reunions to include the Page/Grimsley Golf tournament as part of their weekend.  Played the Friday of the Football game.  Register online: Even if you reunion is a different weekend, this is a great event to see lots of old friends.

We are waiting to hear about future reunions.

If you do not see you class listed, we have not been provided any information about your reunion.  Please have your class reunion committee send information to:



Facebook Conections


Here are Facebook connections to various classes:


Class of 1971 197219781980 & 81,  19821983, 19841986, 19881993


Class Reunion Projects


The PAFA has been very fortunate to work with so many generous alumni classes.  Often after the reunions there is extra money left over from the budgets that were set.  If your reunion group would like to donate extra funds towards a project for the school please feel free to contact us.  The PAFA has a list of projects or a "wish list"  items from the school, and we would be happy to help with the purchse and recognize your class for the gift.

The first class to contact the PAFA wanting to donate towards a certain project was the class of 1980.  Since signage per street is govenered by the County School System, the class of 1980 was able to put a large sign for PAGE PIRATES above the baseball field ( that can also be seen by all who drive down Cone Blvd).   

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