Looking for an old yearbook? We have books from 1994, 1999-2002, and 2004-2010 which can be purchased at Page for $40 or mailed to you for $50. There are also books from 2012 and 2013 which can be purchased for $60 or received by mail for $70.

Contact Yearbook Advisor Matthew Rickard at rickarm@gcsnc.com


or 336-370-8200 ext. 4403 for more information.

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Alma Mater & Fight Song


Lift we now our blended voices singing thy praise.

Wave the Red White Banner o'er us.  Long our anthem raise.

Page High Forever!Page High Forever!

May we always keep thy standard,

Page Forever More!


School Fight Song


Hail to the Buccaneers, Thy name We Praise.
Thy Banner we revere, Give a cheer for the Red and White
Hail to the Buccaneers!  Victory's our cry!
We'll fight, we'll fight, we'll win tonight,

And always Page High!

PAFA Mission Statement & Officers


Mission Statement


To connect with the past, strengthen the present, and build for the future of Page High School through support of and participation in areas of academic, cultural, athletic, and social life.


 Susan Tysinger President

Charles Wright '86 Vice President

Ashley Simpson '85 Treasurer
Susan Veazey  Secretary

Jess Washburn Fund Raising Chair

Becky Buffington Scholarship Chair

Clivie Boxley '85

John LaFave 



Page/Grimsley Rivalry 

Reunion Golf Tournament

In 2017 the Whilies defeated Page! Let’s not let that happen again!


2019 Registration has

Opened. Click Here




Looking for more ideas for the PAFA to invest in the future of PHS.  Do you or any students you know have ideas for capital improvements?






 Here are pages associated with the PAFA:


Page Alumni & Friends


Page Pirate Greensboro



Here is a quick link to join.  After you designate the amount you want to donate, please provide you name , address, or any other information so we can give you proper credit.  Great way to honor a teacher or classmate!

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