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Page Athletic Boosters Club

Booster Club funds are used to enhance our facilities and buy additional equipment for ALL Page

sports. Please help us pave the way for the futureof the Page Student Athletes and thank you for

supporting Page High School! Sponsorships are tax deductible.  Please visit the Page Athletics Booster site and conside becoming a member.                                

Join PAFA Today

The event has been held at Bryan Park Golf Course every year. The tournament field fills both golf courses with 288 golfers and is held the same Friday as the annual Page Grimsley football game. It has grown beyond just a fundraiser and has become an annual reunion weekend for the two schools. Many class reunions are now scheduled each year to coincide with the tournament.

It is with the continued rivalry spirit we welcome you to the 2013 Page Grimsley Rivalry Reunion Golf Tournament hosted by The Greensboro Grasshoppers and Neese’s Sausage!  This event is the single largest fund raiser for each school raising over $20,000 each year.  So join in the fun and help support our school by finding some friends and signing up online.  Please check out the Rivalry Reuinion website for more information.

Page/Grimsley Rivalry Reunion Golf Tournament

Page wins the 2012 Rivalry reunion

PAGE Cares

The Page Cares Fund is a tremendous asset to our students.  This program was launched as a response to the growing needs of the Page families who are experiencing economic hardships.  It is based on the use of gift cards from various food/clothing stores.  It offers the opportunity for parents to serve as models for their children in ways of serving those in their community that are struggling.  It is an opportunity for service learning in our own hometown and our own Page High School.

Students are very private and often embarrassed that they need financial assistance.   They do not want others to know about their problem and they do not want anyone seeing them accepting help.  When their circumstances become critical, students will finally tell someone they trust.  We learn about these students from the caring staff of teachers, support staff and administrators.  The social worker talks with the student and family about their circumstances and provides assistance in using gift cards to their greatest advantage, as well as connecting them to community resources for a long term resolution to their problem.

The donations have helped many of our students and families.  We provided food for forty-seven of PAGE's refugee students and forty homeless families during the holidays.  These students do not have access to regular school meals during holidays and families often find themselves short of the funds necessary to provide the breakfast and lunch meals that they normally receive at PAGE.   We have purchased winter coats, hats and gloves.  We noticed students coming to school in below freezing weather with light weight jackets.  One student explained that he gave his coat to his little brother.  This student now has his own coat!  We bridged the gap for several families who lost their jobs by helping them with purchasing food until they qualified for food stamps.  We have fed seventy-seven students in our cafeteria who were hungry and did not qualify for free or reduced lunch.  We have assisted with food and clothing to three students over eighteen years old who have found themselves homeless due to family problems.  We have provided meals for students in extra-curricular activities who were going without food while others enjoyed meals.  The list and stories continue.

Without the Page Cares Fund, teachers would have no place to turn when they find their students in often desperate situations.  It is impossible to turn our backs on students who need us beyond the school day. Please support PAGE CARES through the PAGE ALUMNI & FRIENDS ASSOCIATION. 

PAGE Cares provides meals and clothing for students in need


Page Auditorium Committee

The Audiorium Rennovation Committe has been formed to address an issue that has been in need for decades.  The Page Auditorium needs major work, and in almost every aspect.  Lighting, Sound, Seating, Dressing Rooms, everything needs some improvemenmt.  The PAFA heard the complaints of many.  However, with a project this large we just did not feel the PAFA could list this in our project list.  Instead we helped with the intial funds needed to find experts in this area, and to draw up plans for an auditorium that would make the Page community proud.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join the committee.


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